Promoting resilient organizations in our rapidly changing world

What's Your Plan?

​Why do organizations fail to learn how to learn and therefore remain competitively marginal?*  KSRs and the PA process are tools for learning how to become more competitive and resilient. To seize your opportunity, start with the basics.  What do we want to accomplish?  What does success look like?  How can we best get this done?  What resources do we have?  What do we need? To further discuss your challenges and opportunities, click on the contact tab.  Let's talk about the future of your organization.  

                                                                                 *Schein, 1996

Where's Your Opportunity?


​Research, tapping into expertise, and reflecting promote a positive adaptation to your challenge.  In order to recognize and seize the best opportunities for the future of your organization, you need to build relationships with people who are willing and able to share their expertise.  Knowledge-sharing relationships (KSRs) and conscious intentional effort in a positive adaptation (PA) process will help locate your future opportunities.

What's Your Challenge?


​All organizations face challenges.  Leaders may face declining sales, reduced profits, or need to adapt to changing technology.  Customer expectations may require reconsideration of the customer value proposition.  Employees may need to be reengaged.  The process that can help you best understand your challenge is to conduct research, tap into your expertise, and reflect on your findings.